Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jersey Fresh Photos

One day I'd love to publish a photo book of images of the Jersey Shore I've taken over the years... because there are many. However, these are my favorite from 2015. At some point in the new year I will figure out a brilliant way to organize all of these photos on a hard drive or computer. Right now they remain scattered on multiple hard drives, in multiple places and on multiple computers.

Allenhurst, NJ. 

Allenhurst, NJ. 

Allenhurst, NJ.

Kids playing in the water on Thanksgiving. I've never experienced the warm weather that what we've been having this fall and winter in my entire life. I imagine since winter is just beginning, things will change. The rumor is Christmas Day it will reach 75 degrees. Forget ice skating, we're going to the beach! 

Christmas trees replace palm trees. Allenhurst, NJ. 

Sandy Hook, NJ.

Elberon, NJ. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

... for old friends and new friends, family and found family; because I call NYC home but am a citizen of the world; because I have options, the privilege to do what I love everyday and follow my passion(s) in whatever form they take; for the privilege to tell stories for a living; for health, happiness, joy and community; because after years of struggling I got to a place where I'm generally content with who I am; for access to resources; for good food, good art and the deep/transformative conversations that come with these things; for students who teach me more than I could possibly teach them; that we live in an age where social media keeps me close to loved ones despite distance and most of all because more times than I can say in a week I find myself wondering how I got so lucky to be surrounded by such bold, brave, bright and truly inspiring humans ... I am truly grateful today and everyday.

Photo by Ashley Marinaccio - November, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Big Move

We *finally* did it. 

We've only been talking about it for two years and at times had taken slow baby steps towards possibly living together. In retrospect, it happened quickly... or maybe we just acted on it quickly. We solidified the plan to go forward with "the big move" while I was in Sarajevo so when I got home I had about 2 weeks to pack everything up but since I procrastinate, I did it in about 4 days. To be honest, we tried to push it back until January but Patrick had already found someone to take my spot for October so it was time for me to leave the Harlem nest. 

Ryan and I are learning how to live together. I think the biggest adjustment for me will be learning how to live with a partner as opposed to a roommate. Ryan has already reminded me of this a few times. He's wise like that. In addition to sharing a studio (which for two only children has been a challenge), we're at the beginning of sharing our lives... which is huge. We are figuring out how to both be together and alone in such a small space. We are also realizing that despite major concerns about the two of us living in a studio apartment, we have adjusted the space to make it work. It's now a very different space than it was a week ago when it was just Ryan here. 

The move has reminded me of my privilege - not only to live in Chelsea but looking at all the *stuff* I've accumulated over the years, and throwing away so many items for no reason other than not having space to keep it. I donated most of it - but by the end, a lot of decent furniture had to be curbed due to space constraints. By day three all sentimentality had gone out the window and I was throwing everything out. 

I've been thinking a lot about the value and meaning that we place on objects. I keep so many items to feel connected with a person, place or space. I'm trying to figure out how to be connected without accumulating *stuff*. I think that may be why I'm so drawn to photography, especially as I get older... it's the idea of holding on to a memory, a person, a place, a space. Maybe some of these things aren't meant to be physically held on to. 

In the whirlwind that has been the last 72 hours, I managed to run around the neighborhood and take some final photos on my phone, as my camera was packed. 

No matter where I go, I always manage to find a piece of nature and get attached. I named her the magic tree and I will miss her. I'd look at her every morning. After the long winter, I'd jump out of bed every morning to see if there were buds on the branches and count the weeks until spring. She turns a beautiful gold in the fall. In fact, her top was just starting to turn. Somewhere in my archive of photos I have a photo of her in each season. I hope the new occupier of 127 enjoys her as much as I have. 

One last photo of the neighborhood - 127 and St. Nicholas Avenue. 

The corner of 127 and the Terrace. 

Patrick took this of me. I look sad and nostalgic but I was actually admiring the space without stuff in it and listening to the echo of my voice singing Regina Spektor songs bounce off the wall.

My babies found their new home. 

Let's face it... now that *most* of my books have been shelved, I'm feeling at home. We still have boxes everywhere but we've managed to carve out pockets of what will be a lovely new home. We've rearranged furniture and are loading our walls with art, photography and tapestries. The goal is to have most everything done so we can have folks over for dinner next weekend. 

Onwards and upwards... 

Tomorrow I will start searching Chelsea for my new slice of nature to fall in love with. I have a feeling the High Line will help me out... 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Scenes from around Sarajevo - Days 1 and 2

It's midnight now and I'm afraid if I do not post today (our second full day in Sarajevo) this blog may never happen. We've had a packed day at the Pitchwise Festival so I've been taking every spare moment I can to get out in the street and take photos. I will post more about the festival and the work that Girl Be Heard has been doing here tomorrow.

Sarajevo Roses 

The red marks on the pavement are called Sarajevo Roses and are found throughout the city. They mark where bombs fell during the war from 1992 through 1995. The country is still rebuilding from the devastating civil war which killed close to 40,000 civilians and 60,000 soldiers. This Sarajevo Rose is on the corner of a cathedral in the center of the city. Sarajevo was the site of intense urban warfare and thousands of mortars fell on the city during the siege.

I'm particularly interested in how people (and cities) reclaim identity after conflict and war through art and have been reading up on Sarajevo Roses. Here is a short article to learn more:


This is right outside of our apartment and one of the first photos I took upon arrival. 

Surrounded by Mountains

The photo doesn't do it much justice but the city is surrounded by mountains and is quite breathtaking - especially at night when everything is lit up. 

Street View
Sharing this photo of the street I took from the perspective of a mirror. 

Old and New
I sat on the swing in this park with a stray dog for a few minutes taking in the surrounding buildings that are riddled with grenade explosions and gun shots. These parks are common throughout the city and were installed about 10 years ago. This visual is a reminder of how war memories are still visually very present throughout the city. Many of the buildings that were destroyed during the war have been rebuilt with the visual wounds remaining. This photo doesn't do it much justice but you can see the 

 A Warning to the EU
I'm learning a lot about the European Union and the role it plays (directly and indirectly) in politics here. My favorite thing is hearing from the locals their perspective on culture and politics. There are many signs like this one throughout the city calling internationals to action and reminding people "Never Again". 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Maine: A (very short) Photo Essay

Ryan and I came back from a fantastic trip to Ogunquit, Maine in August. We ate some spectacular food and saw some beautiful sights. I ran around with my camera the entire time attempting to do justice to the beauty that surrounded us. 

Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, ME at sunrise 

Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, ME at sunrise

Boats at sunset. Ogunquit, ME. 

Another from Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, ME.