Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jersey Fresh Photos

One day I'd love to publish a photo book of images of the Jersey Shore I've taken over the years... because there are many. However, these are my favorite from 2015. At some point in the new year I will figure out a brilliant way to organize all of these photos on a hard drive or computer. Right now they remain scattered on multiple hard drives, in multiple places and on multiple computers.

Allenhurst, NJ. 

Allenhurst, NJ. 

Allenhurst, NJ.

Kids playing in the water on Thanksgiving. I've never experienced the warm weather that what we've been having this fall and winter in my entire life. I imagine since winter is just beginning, things will change. The rumor is Christmas Day it will reach 75 degrees. Forget ice skating, we're going to the beach! 

Christmas trees replace palm trees. Allenhurst, NJ. 

Sandy Hook, NJ.

Elberon, NJ. 

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