Friday, July 27, 2018

Dispatches from Palestine (Part 1)

So many more questions than answers.

When I first arrived in Palestine I struggled with how to write about it. What is my responsibility as a westerner, specifically an American in documenting the Palestinian struggle against the occupation? What is my role as someone with an extreme amount of privilege, a US passport holder who can come and go as I please and buy pretty much anything I need while on the ground in talking about life under occupation? How do I speak to "audiences" (which for now consists of the ones I have on social media) who already have a preconceived idea of what Palestine is and is often driven by an extreme religious ideology that commits them to dehumanize an entire population (I'm talking about evangelical Christians more than anyone else)?

These photos don't begin to do anything justice - it's an attempt to start figuring out what questions to ask and where to enter the conversation.

More to come...

A boy selling birds and poultry at a shop in Hebron. 

Glassmaker in Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank. The city is divided into two parts - H1, which is under Palestinian control and H2, which is under Israeli control.

Finding Wifi in Bethlehem. 

Children playing in Hebron. 

Three photos of children and youth in the al-Am'ari Refugee Camp. Established in 1969, the al-Am'ari Refugee Camp is a Palestinian refugee camp in east Ramallah. Al-Am'ari suffers from a water crisis, poor sewerage, unemployment and overcrowding. A large majority of the population is under 18. 


Tattoo in Ramallah. 

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