Monday, September 3, 2018

72 Hours in Vermont (on a budget)

We went on a 72-hour road trip to Vermont this week. It was our way to celebrate the end of the summer and beginning of the school year for both of us (Ryan is starting his MFA in Arts Leadership at Brooklyn College this year and I am entering my 3rd year of Ph.D. work at the Graduate Center). We rented the car from Newark airport because it's significantly cheaper by hundreds of dollars. If you live in NYC, you should do this... seriously. You may get caught in rush hour traffic when you return (ahem) but you'll have an extra $300 dollars in your pocket that you can put towards your next road trip. 

Vermont is my kind of place... politically progressive, values the arts, plenty of opportunities to be in nature and some mighty damn good food. 

We begin our food tour with... Sonny's Blue Benn Diner in Bennington. Cheap, delicious and cash only. This classic diner will warm your heart and fill your stomach. It will not empty your wallet. I've heard it said that Blue Benn is one of the "greatest diners in the Northeast" and despite being from New Jersey, I believe it. 

Vermont is hidden swimming holes. Our first stop was Warren Falls, the thing I dream of, turquoise water hidden away between rock gorges, natural water slides and pools up to twenty feet deep. The water is crystal clear so looks can be deceiving in terms of depth. The water is also cold... ice cold. It didn't deter either of us, especially Ryan who enjoys the occasional cliff jump (Warren Falls is full of various cliffs for jumping...). Don't be like me and forget your water shoes. The ground is steep is full of rocks. Additionally, the moss on the rocks make it very slippery. 

Entrance to Warren Falls... swimmers and sunbathers can walk a mile in either direction to enjoy this swimming hole. 

After 2 hours at Warren Falls we continued north towards Burlington to Leddy Beach. 

Shoreline at Leddy Beach in Burlington, Vermont. 

Willard Street Inn can be a little pricey, there are less expensive room options that are just as beautiful as the most expensive ones. The homemade breakfasts are unbelievable. This frittata is made entirely from the vegetables in the large garden located behind the Inn. 

Breakfast at Willard Street Inn. 

On our second morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the Inn and then headed over to Mount Philo in Charlotte to hike the 1.9 mile trail to the summit of the mountain. 

In the afternoon we headed over to Shelburne Farms. This working farm has several public education programs for people of all ages which include gardening, animal care and cheese making. We hung out with goats and took a walk on one of the many beautiful nature trails through large gardens.

Goat at Shelburne Farms. 

In the evening we headed back to the Church Street Marketplace, Burlington Vermont's "downtown" for a lovely dinner at American Flatbread, all natural brick oven pizza (here's a fascinating history of the oven, if you are wondering...) followed by dessert at Ben and Jerry's. 


"Every act we perform today must reflect the kind of human relationships we are fighting to establish tomorrow." 
- David Dellinger 

Resources and Recommendations:

Sonny's Blue Benn Diner
U.S. Route 7 North
Bennington, Vermont

Warren Falls
Route 100
Warren, Vermont

Leddy Beach 
Leddy Park Road, North Avenue
Burlington, Vermont

Willard Street Inn
349 South Willard Street 
Burlington, Vermont 

Mount Philo State Park
5435 Mount Philo Road
Charlotte, Vermont

Shelburne Farms
1611 Harbor Road
Shelburne, Vermont

American Flatbread Pizza

Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour

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